Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome to Project: Unknown

A few years ago while on a kayaking trip in Chile I hatched a plan to put together a team of the most stylish and talented paddlers for a mission starting in the northern Atacama desert of Chile and ending in southern reaches of Patagonia, Chile. After traveling and working for a few years I decided to start looking for those team members. People who have an unmatched fire for the sport of kayaking. People who are in it for the long haul. People who are committed to making the world a better place. People not afraid to take on the  Unknown.
This project has been named Unknown because that is what we want to document. Be it bad politics, good stories, untouched rivers, perfect landscapes, or rising stars. Life is intensely beautiful. A close friend recently wrote to me saying that "we are living in times of great possibility". Inspiring words that are ringing truer and truer around every bend. So here's to exploration, courage, remote places, good times, and living in moment. Things are taking shape. Stay tuned. 

As it tradition. Here are some photos of Chile. Enjoy. 


The Maipo Valley in spring time. As the water melts from the peaks above kayakers flock to the valleys, rivers, and waterfalls of Chile to challenge themselves and see what they are made of. 

A broken corridor in the ruins of a prisoner camp from the Pinochet era in Chile's history. Heavy energy in this place. Photo: Matt Smink
Eric Bartle eats it off the kicker on the first slide of the Nevados river in Pucon, Chile. Photo:Tracy D'Arbeloff
The moon rises over the Maipo valley and the Andes mountain range.
Lorenzo Andrade Astorga runs safety on the Upper Volcan  crux rapid.
Tino Specht exiting the bottom of Zeta rapid on the Futaleufu river in Patagonia, Chile. Photo: Matt Smink
Power lines carrying energy across the Andes mountain range to Argentina where it is sold. This is becomming a more and more common sight in Chile. Energy is made with hydro built by Spanish companies. The energy is then sold to bordering countries. Chilean citizens don't see the profits of their own land...
The ferry ride from Puerto Mont to Chaiten, Chile. There is nothing like waking up to floating through snow capped peaks at sunrise. Photo: Matt Smink
The results of a swim on the Upper Volcan river.
Lorenzo Andrade Astorga boat scouts a random rapid in the 22 waterfalls section of Rio Claro.
Graffiti art in Pichilemu, Chile. Pichilemu has a unique mix of surf art with Chilean culture.

The famous Middle Palguin 70 foot waterfall. Clean as a whistle.
Kira Tenney drops Garganta Del Diablo (throat of the devil) on the Rio Claro in Chile.

Rio Nuble. The Gauley of South America.
Locals walking with a stunning back ground. The Andes.
Salto Huilo Huilo on the Rio Fuy. Unrun.

The waterfall on the Yeso river in Chile. There is a tricky must make move at the top of this one. Photo: Matt Smink
Jake Greenbaum, Logan Grayling, and LJ Groth triple up on the 20 footer set on the classic Upper Palguin.
A tarantula on the hike into Rio Claro.

The parting shot of yours truly(Tino Specht) entering the Garganta Del Diablo on Rio Claro, Chile. Photo: Jason Terry


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  1. Tino, you ought to enter that photo of Bartl eating shit into Wend magazine's photo section. check out the contributor's guidelines because they feature one photo each edition of someone eating it.