Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Greener Side

As the leaves turn color. As they get cracked from the trees by the cold wind, I sit here planning my escape. I'm going to point south and go, skipping through Mexico for a short video project on spanish ripper Aniol Serrasolses, and settling finally in Chile without a return ticket. A commitment of sorts to staying in one place for longer than four months. 
So with a sense of a hard worked, surf laden summer behind me and an open road ahead of me I commit myself to the sport I love and the passion that drives me. Kayaking. 

Mexico. The land of cheap beer, tacos, and clean water falls.
Chile. Where the young run free and women flock like the salmon of the Capistrano.

My quiver of boats from this past summer. A squirt boat, carbon playboat, surf kayak and plastic playboat.

Aniol the subject Unknown 3: Mexico. Aniol lived for the past four months on the banks of the Ottawa River with just a tent, kayak, and the clothes on his back.  Here we see him cooking up some lunch at the secret "Rata" hide out.

Chilean boater Marcos Gallegos throws a huge Clean Blunt on Garburator wave. Marcos has been living in Canada for the past year or two and is becoming a freestyle machine. Keep an eye out for him on the river.

The Spaniards. From front to back, Ali, Alex, Aniol. Watching Garburator after a day long session.

The Ottawa Valley in full bloom.

Flat farm land/huge rapids... Wierd

Anna Bruno busting out some crazy yoga moves.

(Left to Right) Dane Jackson, Keegan Grady and myself in awe of the rapid above Detonator wave in Quebec.

Keegan Grady. Keegan is the subject of Unknown 2: Ottawa Valley. Keegan is a local boy from the Ottawa River who's athletic abilities have taken him on travels all over the world.

Joel Kowalski snaps a shot of the wave with his Iphone. Who needs a 7d when you have an Iphone?

Taking in the Power.

The River Cabin. I spent my summer living in this cabin next to McCoys rapid on the Ottawa River. It is one of my top 3 places to live ever.


  1. Tino! It's about time you started one of these! Your photography has gone berserk. Glad I've finally got a way to keep up with you.

  2. Dude be safe in Mexico, don't get killed by one of the drug cartels down there...